"Reviews don't matter, I sell a high quality product"

Unfortunately this simply isn't true.

Fact 1: Over 50% of customers won't buy without first seeing reviews.

Fact 2: Google looks for authentic reviews to determine a websites ranking on search.

Fact 3: Without strong customer reviews, you make it easy for competitors to take your customers.

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"What will a Tappiest Card do for me?"

Typically 10-15% of your customers will leave a review if they feel strongly about something, bad or good.

With a Tappiest Card, an estimated 50-70% of your customers will leave a review simply because of how easy it is for them to do so.

They don't have to search for your business on google or even type in your website. All they have to do is tap their phone to your Tappiest Card, and open the page that pops up.

How Tappiest Card works

Simple Setup: Our card comes with a 1 minute guide to link it to your business's Google Profile.

Leaving Reviews: Tap the card to a phone for a quick link to leave a 5-star review.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change what it links to?

Yes, simply use our guide and it is very easy to change what it links to!

Do I have to charge it?

No, seems magical right?

Which Phones are Compatible?

iPhones released in 2016 or later. Most Androids released after 2015.

What if the phone case is too big and it covers the back of the phone?

Simply hold your Tappiest Card to the place directly behind the camera, and if that doesn't work hold it to the front of the screen at the top.

Disclaimer: We are not associated with google.

We provide a specialized service to boost Google reviews but are independent and not associated with Google.